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2022-05-14 UTC
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What's the most bizarre website you ever visited? #indieweb
webmention-verification (6.0.1): Deprecated in favor of indieweb-endpoints from 2022-05-13. Verify a received webmention. https://rubygems.org/gems/webmention-verification
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got it before the 3-year anniversary haha
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Anyone have friends at http://Indieweb.social for Mastodon? I cannot get an email confirmation to be sent no matter how hard I try.
Doing a completely static site... does it matter? #developers #homepage #indieweb
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↩️ The chrome extension is currently dormant. It was hard to deal with the different behind the scenes schemes websites use for links. I'm interested in continuing the project, but am busy with other indieweb/knowledge management projects + am underfunded/busy making ends meet
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