#meta 2020-10-17

2020-10-17 UTC
[chrisbergr]: I needed some air
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Dit weekend schrijf ik weer de nieuwe editie van mijn nieuwsbrief OPEN. Links, tips en leukigheid uit het indieweb, over nieuwsbrieven en bloggers. Abonneren is ❤️. Jouw Maandag Mailbox Momentje! https://diggingthedigital.com/nieuwsbrief/
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↩️ After minor FTP mixup, success! Been needing to do this for my next #indieweb steps. http://cascadiainspired.com/joining-the-indie-web/ Still lowkey kicking myself for dumping my longtime internet domain to save $10 a year but I hadn't used it in like 5 years and how many domains does a girl need?
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