#microformats 2021-02-23

2021-02-23 UTC
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↩️ Que feio @YouTubeBrasil @googlebrasil nada de preview no share de Música? Bora colocar a capa dos álbuns aí! RichData, Microformats, etc...
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↩️ Well, I have web mentions now and added microformats and even tried web sign-in. No more analytics or disqus or a need for a cookie banner, so there's that. Now, writing this makes me think I should implement micropub, but that'll have to be later.
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↩️ Support means that it's worthy to build our pages with microformats or is something secundary that doesn't affects how Google see our pages?
↩️ @oOBaNOo @nikolittlestar Pour une formation "intégrateur site ecommerce" évoquer les microformats régulièrement dem… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1364145844128202752
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