#indieweb 2021-03-14

2021-03-14 UTC
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I haven't changed my site "theme" since the beginning!
so since 2013
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So I've been doing lots of research and I know I have lots of mutuals with Substacks, so I thought it might be helpful to make a lil thread about the alternatives. 🧵1/12
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Disappointing that all of the recommendations are other silos.
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Can we do requirements gathering and see what we're missing?
This tweet links my Twitter to my 3ID on 3Box Hub ✅ @3boxdb Hub is a profiles network built on #3ID, an open identity system where I control my data. See my profile at https://3box.io/0x80a80978aa2f0147ede29409313c4955f1eecca0 did:3:bafyreifvrvki3io2b4tip6zy3thettwwoeej2lwhu2mfr3wogfnmm5xlfi
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If you want a 12 hour break from Twitter just tweet this city name and you will be immediately locked https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EwdscdxW8AIJM0Q.jpg
(I didn't realize it was already posted in -chat, sorry)
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OK. At this point, I want to be clear on the discussion with Substack. I got an email defending their business model which ended by offering me Pro money to stay. I told them that as long as the platform hosts and funds TERFs, I can't take that deal.
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