#meta 2020-05-29

2020-05-29 UTC
Going to go live in about 10 minutes at https://jacky.wtf/twitch. Focusing on working on code coverage for my IndieWeb library for Elixir so definitely going to be either looking to splunk on good Elixir practices and what the IndieWeb suggests for… https://v2.jacky.wtf/post/29362930-b34b-44de-8dd4-e0834fbbf2e8
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https://iiii.ca/11980/ Any president who bloviates on mainstream social media is a scoundrel. The Open Web / IndieWeb thing should be his choice. A centralized social hub is much easier for him to exploit and dominate. People are at a disadvantage.
↩️ Hey, have you tried indie web as an alternative? to Ghost? And all the others? It even works with Activity Pub https://indieweb.org/
Just generated the first draft of this week's newsletter! https://indieweb.org/this-week/2020-05-29.html I'll generate a draft again tomorrow, so please add to it before then! https://indieweb.org/this-week#How_to
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